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ECM is to launch CubeSat cluster from new Russian launch site

22nd November 2017

ECM Launch Services is set to deliver a CubeSat cluster into space as part of the first international launch from a new Russian launch site Vostochny.

CubeSat cluster launch preparations
CubeSat cluster launch preparations

The cluster is comprised of 14 CubeSats developed by universities and commercial companies of the USA, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Sweden. The CubeSats will be launched on a Soyuz-2 rocket with a Fregat upper stage that will form several different orbits for deployment of the satellites.

By this time, ECM Launch Services has performed technical adaptation, pre-launch autonomous works and final electrical tests at Vostochny launch site. The launch is scheduled for the 28th of November along with the Meteor-M #2-1 primary mission of Roscosmos.

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