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The presented satellite launches are conducted within the framework of the Russian Federal Space Program

Thus, the launches are guaranteed by the Russian Space Agency and the related contracts are protected regarding to negative aspects.
Information on 2018 – 2021 launch schedule is provided upon request.

Cluster mission

4th quarter 2017

Launch details

Launch period 4th quarter 2017
Launch system Soyuz-2.1b LV / Fregat US
Main payload Meteor-M #2-1
Main payload orbit H=832 km, i=97,88 deg, SSO, LTAN = 15:05
Socondary payloads 10 CubeSats, 15 microsats
Secondary payloads orbit H=600 km, SSO

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Meteor-M #2-1 mission configuration
Meteor-M #2-1 mission configuration

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