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A Cluster Of Eleven Small Satellites Was Successfully Deployed

27th December 2018

We’re thrilled to announce that the Soyuz launch vehicle has successfully taken off at Vostochny launch site!

This was our third launch from the new Russian Cosmodrome Vostochny - as a part of Russian Space State Corporation Roscosmos Earth observation mission Kanopus-V #5,6.

A cluster of ECM small satellites was successfully deployed into a sun synchronous orbit (SSO). Here they are:

- 8 Lemur-class 3U CubeSats (for Spire Global Inc, USA)

- 2 D-Star ONE Sparrow and iSat 3U CubeSats (for German Orbital Systems, Germany / iSky Technology s.r.o., Czech Republic)

- 1 UWE-4 1U CubeSat (for University of Würzburg, Germany)

We have already received a confirmation of a successful separation of all 11 satellites on their target orbit - 585 km, 97,73 deg, SSO — the satellites will now start doing their jobs, our part here is done!

Thank you to everyone for working so diligently on this mission! Considering today‘s launch, ECM has already sent 54 smallsats into space — more to come in 2019! Stay tuned...

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