ECM launch service

Satellite solutions

In collaboration with our partner German Orbital Systems we are able to offer satellite solutions based on vast experience for a wide variety of missions.

ECM launch services provides cubesat and nanosat solutions adjusted to the needs of our customers around the globe. We have broad experience with a broad range of CubeSat and nanosat components of different standards and types.
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Turnkey solutions

A fully functional satellite in combination with a launch campaign. If required by the customer, we also offer a compatible ground station. Consequently, we take care of the complete space-, launch- and ground-segment of the mission and provide active support during the LEOP phase of the mission.

Microsatellite components

We aim at a high level of standardisation, flexibility, and compatibility with other suppliers’ systems when we are developing our satellites. This means that all the components which we use in our turnkey systems can also be used in other configurations. Our systems guarantee complete compatibility with other manufacturers, particularly for CubeSat components.

Ground station hardware

To work effectively with a satellite, it is essential that transmissions are received regularly. German Orbital Systems and ECM launch services offer compact UHF and S-band stations with all the necessary hardware and software, as well as an on-site installation service. The stations are compatible with all of our products, but can also be used to receive transmissions from other satellites.

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